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Windows test platforms


Hi everyone,

I'm going to build a set of Windows installations to run buildbot on. But 
finding the right set of versions to do this is a challenge. There are so many 
versions of Windows that it's impossible to get even close to the full set of 
them. So I'd like to have a good set of systems that pretty much cover most 

The buildbot system will work in three parts. One will build a set of 
installable packages - for now probably just a zip file. Another will install 
these packages and test them on clean systems. A third will do compilation 
tests on OS/Compiler combinations.

Windows 2000 or earlier is not going to be done. I'm not sure about Windows 
Server 2003. I'd like to skip XP, as MS cut support for it, but I think there 
are too many live installations to do this yet.

For building the installable packages, I intend to use XP and Visual Studio 

My list of systems to test the packages and do the compile + make test on 
would be:

XP Pro 32 bit
Vista 32 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Server 2008 64 bit

On XP, I'd install VC++ 2005, on the others VC++ 2008. When Visual Studio 2010 
is out, I'll install that on Vista and one of the 64 bit systems.

This is four systems that does a very thin span of the incredible amount of 
systems done by MS. (And people say there are a lot of Linux distributions.)

Does this make sense to you? Please let me know what you think.

Kind regards,

Bo Thorsen,
Monty Program AB.

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