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Re: Windows test platforms


Monday 26 April 2010 11:25:53 Michael Widenius wrote:
> Hi!
> >>>>> "Bo" == Bo Thorsen <bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> <cut>
> Bo> For building the installable packages, I intend to use XP and Visual
>  Studio Bo> 2008.
> We should look at using Visual Studio 2010 ASAP, as this is said to
> give significantly better performance.

The only reason I didn't choose VS2010 is that it's only beta at this moment. 
When it's out of beta, I agree we should use this instead.

However, having a test buildbot system with the 2010 beta is probably a good 
idea, to get rid of compiler problems from it.

> Bo> My list of systems to test the packages and do the compile + make test
>  on Bo> would be:
> Bo> XP Pro 32 bit
> Bo> Vista 32 bit
> Bo> Windows 7 64 bit
> Bo> Server 2008 64 bit
> Bo> On XP, I'd install VC++ 2005, on the others VC++ 2008. When Visual
>  Studio 2010 Bo> is out, I'll install that on Vista and one of the 64 bit
>  systems.
> Bo> This is four systems that does a very thin span of the incredible
>  amount of Bo> systems done by MS. (And people say there are a lot of Linux
>  distributions.)
> Bo> Does this make sense to you? Please let me know what you think.
> Sounds good.
> We should probably start with trying to get packages for Windows 7, 64
> bit.

I hope we can have just two packages - 32 and 64 bit - that will install on 
all Windows systems. There might be differences between the systems that have 
to be handled in the packages, but I don't want to have two packages per 
Windows version. That would be *really* bad.

Kind regards,

Bo Thorsen,
Monty Program AB.