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Re: Windows installer


Hi Sergei,

Den 10-05-2010 11:24, Sergei Golubchik skrev:
You're the windows developer, so it's up to you.

Not really. I want to build a good package on Windows. For that, I need input from others. However, it does look like I'm on track for now.

If you can make a nicely and professionally looking MariaDB installer
with cpack and NSIS - go on, do it with cpack and NSIS.
How it'll work with mysql-next tree, where cmake is used on linux too ?
Will these windows INSTALL instructions confuse cmake on linux ?

The INSTALL instructions are used by cpack. However, I think cmake might use them on make (or gmake/nmake) output to build the make install target as well. We'll have to look at that.

If it becomes a problem, I'll put if(windows) guards around the install instructions.