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Re: Windows installer


Hi, Bo!

On May 10, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been looking at getting our binary windows distribution back on 
> track. One of the options would be to create the zip file like we did 
> earlier.
> Another way would be to create a proper windows installer. For this, there 
> are several options: NSIS, WIX, etc. I spent a bit of time investigating 
> the CPack parts of CMake. And during the investigation, I managed to pretty 
> much write an entire installer. It was quite easy.
> The way this works is to add INSTALL instructions in the CMakeFiles.txt, 
> plus a bit of extra information for building the installer package. You can 
> see this in the patch I have attached.
> With the patch applied, you have to install NSIS 
> (http://nsis.sourceforge.net) and add it to the path. Build MariaDB in 
> release, and run "cpack" in the MariaDB tree. It's NSIS based because this 
> seems to be the one cpack works best with.
> The question is what direction to continue in. I'd appreciate some feedback 
> on this, because I'm not certain if it's the right way to go. It has been 
> pretty easy so far, so I'm pretty happy to continue with it.

You're the windows developer, so it's up to you.
If you can make a nicely and professionally looking MariaDB installer
with cpack and NSIS - go on, do it with cpack and NSIS.

How it'll work with mysql-next tree, where cmake is used on linux too ?
Will these windows INSTALL instructions confuse cmake on linux ?


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