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Bzr upgrade needed for buildbot slaves


Hi Adam,

We're upgrading the bzr repositories on launchpad to a new repository format

Because of this, you need to do some changes on your buildbot hosts.

These are the slaves mariadb-brs and adutko-ultrasparc3.

(The slave adutko-centos5-amd64 does not need any changes, as it is not using
bzr for the build).

You have to do two things:

1. make sure you are using at least bzr 1.16 (or better 2.x). If the bzr on
either slave is older, then you need to upgrade it.

2. Upgrade the shared repository on the slave to format 2a. These are the
following directories on the slaves:


You need to move away/delete those .bzr directories and replace them with a
new format 2a repository .bzr directory.

You can obtain the new .bzr directory in two ways:

 - Download http://hasky.askmonty.org/download/mariadb-shared-repo.tgz , there
   is a suitable .bzr included (300Mb).

 - Delete the old .bzr and run

      bzr init-repo --format=2a /export/home/buildbot/maria-slave/adutko-ultrasparc3


      bzr init-repo --format=2a /var/lib/buildbot/maria-slave

   In the latter case, buildbot will need to download (once) all revisions
   from launchpad again, so the first way is best on slow connections (around
   200Mb of download).

Afterwards you can verify that things work by running


It should say something like

    Shared repository with trees (format: 2a)

Just let me know if you need any help, and sorry for the inconvenience,

 - Kristian.

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