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Re: Bzr upgrade needed for buildbot slaves


> These are the slaves mariadb-brs and adutko-ultrasparc3.

Both are running test builds of successful past builds to check
functionality of the upgrades.

> 1. make sure you are using at least bzr 1.16 (or better 2.x). If the bzr on
> either slave is older, then you need to upgrade it.

Both should be running 2.0.4 now...

For the mailing list archives I used packages from
http://code.google.com/p/bzrunix/downloads/list for the ultrasparc.  I
basically did a 'pkgrm SMCbzr' then a simple 'pkgadd -d ${dir of gunzipped

> 2. Upgrade the shared repository on the slave to format 2a. These are the
> following directories on the slaves:

Both are now 2a repositories and as I type this...growing in size.  :-)

I'll keep an eye on these test runs and correct any issues that crop up but
hopefully all should be well...