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Re: sphinx vs mariadb


Andrew Aksyonoff <shodan@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> 1. Use prebuilt searchd binary, sphinx.conf file and test index
> KN> My idea is that mysql-test-run.pl will look for an already
> KN> installed searchd and indexer binary (in eg. SPHINXSEARCH_INDEXER,
> KN> SPHINXSEARCH_SEARCD, and maybe $PATH). If not found, sphinxse
> That's also good.  For some reason I though everything should be self
> contained (ie. work immediately out of bzr clone).

I got something working for this.

I pushed it here:


It still have a few rough edges that I want to polish, but now I can do this:

  export SPHINXSEARCH_INDEXER=/home/knielsen/devel/maria/sphinxsearch/bin/indexer
  export SPHINXSEARCH_SEARCHD=/home/knielsen/devel/maria/sphinxsearch/bin/searchd
  ./mtr sphinx.sphinx

To run this test case:

--source include/have_sphinx.inc
--source include/have_sphinxse.inc

eval create table ts ( id int unsigned not null, w int not null, q varchar(255) not null, index(q) ) engine=sphinx connection="sphinx://$SPHINXSEARCH_PORT/*";
select * from ts where q='test';
drop table ts;

I hope this sounds reasonable, I wanted to give you the chance to see more
concretely what I had in mind.

> KN> tests will be skipped, if found mysql-test-run.pl will generate a
> KN> simple .conf and start the daemon for the test. There is already a
> Hmm, why *generate* that?  I'd just bundle .conf and source .xml data
> for indexer.  Maybe prebuilt .sp* indexes too.  Indexes are binary but
> test ones can be kept tiny. 

Well, .conf must be generated from a template due to allocation of ports etc.

But I have to admit I didn't even think of bundling this stuff, just blindly
ran `indexer test1`. I'm too tired now to think clearly what's best right now ;-)
Feel free to come with suggestions.

 - Kristian.

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