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Re: Question about License...


Hi, Mateusz!

If you want a reliable answer you need to contact a lawyer, not the
mailing list.

But with a usual disclaimer (I'm not a lawyer) I suppose that if you
want to keep your engine closed source you have to contact Oracle (not
MariaDB) and buy a license.

On Jun 09, Mateusz Matan wrote:
> Ok, thank You for Your answer,
> mayby I was not very clear in describing our problem,
> so I will describe it again in more details...
>      We wrote a storage engine (implementing ha_xx.cpp/*.h)...
> It is dynamically linked with MariaDB Database and it works only with
> installed MariaDb Database. Our code use some MariaDB/MySQL classes
> like ConditionPushdown Items and func classes...
>     Problem which we try to solve, is how to sell our custom storage engine
> with MariaDB database...
>     1. Which version (license) should buy our customer (company customer)
>         on MariaDB Database ??
>          - can they use it free or should they buy any version  (which one
> ??)
>     2. Which licence (if any) should we use to sell such custom storage
> engine ??
>          - Should we pay for using MySQL/MariaDb classes in our code ??
>          - which license should we use
>            (bought from Oracle or MariaDB if any is needed)
>             to sell our product (storage engine) without sharing the code,
>             just selling binary files ??
> Thanku You for Your quick reply...
> Mateusz Matan