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Re: per-partition attributes in the CREATE TABLE


Hi, kentoku!

On May 12, kentoku wrote:
> Hi, Sergei!
> My use case is 1.
> ----- my use case start -----
> If you create a table using following SQL,
>   CREATE TABLE tbl_a
>   (.....)
>   ENGINE=spider
>   COMMENT='database "auto_test_remote2", table "ta_r3"'
>   CONNECTION='socket "mysql_1.sock", host "localhost"'
>     PARTITION pt1 COMMENT='database "auto_test_remote", table "ta_r2"',
>     PARTITION pt2 COMMENT='socket "mysql_2.sock"'
>   );
> ----- my use case end -----
> I think per-partition options should better to work like this.
> If per-partition options works like this, every engine don't need the
> special code for partitioned case.

Unfortunately, this change - per partition options - seems to be too
big. I have it working (almost, there're still few bugs), but it is
already quite an intrusive patch :(

I'm hesitant to add it to 5.2 now, as 5.2 was supposed to contain only
few safe changes, as compared to 5.1, so that it could stabilize
quickly. I am going to do per partition options in 5.3
> Additionally, for supporting different engines in different
> partitions, table options should better to be added engine names like
> global/session parameters for avoiding conflicting option names.

Right, we thought about it too.
I don't remember why it was dropped, but luckily if it will be needed,
it can be implemented any time in a completely backward compatible