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Re: Windows installer, NSIS version


Den 18-06-2010 08:44, Bo Thorsen skrev:
and the workaround makes it simple

Yes and no. I've been working on this workaround, and it's quite
difficult to implement.

Plus it means forking the NSIS implementation in CMake to a local
version :( It's possible I can do this workaround in a generic way (this
is what I intend) and get this patch into CMake, which would help a lot
for us.

Damn, looks like my intended solution isn't possible :(

I came up with another one, though. I want the installer to add the database files to a separate directory and copy those to the main directory at the end. This way, the files aren't covered by the uninstaller. I can later add a page to the uninstaller asking if they should be removed too, but the main point is to avoid them being silently deleted.

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