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Custom Storage Engine GPL licence


   I am a programmer in Comarch (Poland) and I would like to know, what
should we (Comarch) do,
to release our Custom Storage Engine called CLDB on GPLv2 licence... Our
custom storage engine
is using MySQL/MariaDB custom storage engine API and some sources from "sql"
directory to
use with condition pushdown... CLDB is column oriented database... Currently

   What documents should we have/fill to obtain GPL lecence ??
   Should we share our codes and where ??

Thank you for Your answers..

Mateusz Matan
IT Security R&D Department, C/C++ programmer
ComArch S.A., Al. Jana Pawła II 41d, 31-864 Kraków
tel: (+48 12) 684 8411
e-mail: Mateusz.Matan@xxxxxxxxxx

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