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Wiki to Knowledgebase Move



I have started (and over the course of the next week I will continue)
moving several pages from http://askmonty.org/wiki to

With the Knowledgebase now in beta it is time to move the content over. 
The procedure I plan on using for this is as follows:

 1. Copy the content of a page from the wiki into the Knowledgebase. 
 2. Add a link to the top of the wiki page notifying of the move and
    giving a link to the new location of the page on the KB.
 3. Add a redirect to the webserver config which automatically sends you
    to the KB page if you click on a link to the wiki page.

I wanted to let you know about it now so that you are not surprised
when you click on a link in the wiki and end up in the Knowledgebase.

After most of the pages which are slated to be moved have been moved I
will start deleting the pages from the wiki. The pages won't actually
be gone (because of MediaWiki's undelete functionality) but having them
officially deleted brings closure to the page and prevents it being
accidentally viewed and/or edited.

The pages slated to be moved include all of the ones in the "Manual:"
namespace and several of the ones in the "MariaDB:" section. An easy
way to think of it is that all documentation-type pages on the wiki are
going to move to the Knowledgebase.

Pages the developers use for planning releases (such as the 5.2 TODO
page) will not move. Pages developers use to document new features will
be moved when the developer indicates the page has become stable and
ready to be used as documentation. In the future, some features will
likely be documented first on the KB, but I'm sure there will always be
some which begin life on the wiki.

The redirects will stay in place indefinitely since keeping them
around is easy and painless.

The wiki will not go away, it is going to continue to be a site the
MariaDB devs can use for notes, plans, and so on. The look will also
change to better fit this mission. The corporate info, for example, has
already been moved to http://montyprogram.com so the navigation links
at the top of every page (About Us, Business, Partners, etc...) are
no-longer necessary.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org