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Re: Handling size_t -> int conversions


Hi, Bo!

On Aug 18, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> I'm working on getting rid of the compiler warnings on 64 bit Windows.
> There are literally thousands of places, where we store a size_t in an int, 
> and the compiler warns about possible loss of data.
> I'm trying to figure out how to handle this in the best way, and I need a 
> bit of advice on how to proceed.
> First, is it acceptable to change all/most of these vars from int to 
> size_t?

I cannot say. I can only answer on a case by case basis.

> In places where there is a local variable that stores the 
> difference between two pointers, it's fine.

A difference between two pointers is, strictly speaking, ptrdiff_t.

> But what about places like struct z_stream_s in zlib.h?

What member in it is causing problems ?

Anyway, I wouldn't try to maintain a better zlib than the official zlib is.
That is, for zlib warnings I'd
1. checked if the new zlib version still has the problem
2. if no - upgraded
3. if yes - added a suppression for a warning. Or a cast (as suppression
   will probably not work on windows)

> How do you guys prefer to see patches on this - one big patch, or several 
> smaller patches?

One big patch is fine.
But if you will upgrade zlib or readline - this should be in a separate