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Re: Phone home


> :)
> Why?
When I think of a Butler I think of someone who monitors various aspects of
a household/estate, stashes that information and uses it to improve service.

> Good idea. Indeed, it's important.
> And to know if it's SSD or not.
Last night I was also thinking about network configuration.  It might be
good to know if people are using the database over the network more often
than a standalone with BindAddress  It might also be good to know
the distribution of NIC speeds (10/100/1000/10000) as it might help when
determining where to focus development efforts.  That is, if a ton of people
are using 10Mbps (unlikely) maybe it might be useful to look at improving
compression or other data related parts?

I don't know if we may want to optimize for a specific version of a
> specific library. And if yes - for what library?
I imagine the MariaDB version will determine what libraries people have
installed because of various dependencies, but it might be useful to collect
that information as well or whether they're running custom C libraries
versus stock and etc because this might point out areas with problems for
high-end users.  I'm not familiar enough with the code base to know which
ones MariaDB might want to monitor, I just thought it might be useful to
think on it some more...

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