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Testing a query/subquery in various contexts



It is known that the MySQL codebase suffers from numerous unforseen interactions between components, so that if we have a query X that works when executed stand-alone, it may still break if it is executed as, for example, INSERT ... SELECT .

So, the Random Query Generator has a module that runs each generated query into different contexts. Here is the current list:

- as a prepared statement, twice
- as a stored procedure, twice
- as a UNION
- converted into a VIEW

The question is, what else is missing? I know about the following:
- DELETE/UPDATE, etc. operations that involve the query as a subquery
- triggers

but what about trying to evaluate the query inside an IF, CASE, FOR , or anything else? If you have any suspicion that any of the code handles a particular situation or context differently, please let me know so that I can add it to the RQG.

Thank you.

Philip Stoev