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Automatic annotated code coverage reports for MariaDB


Hello everyone,

I have now managed to make buildbot produce automatic LCOV reports for MariaDB. You can view them here


and get statistics down to directory/file level or open an individual file and see an annotated listing showing lines that were not covered.

The report is calculated based on a default MTR test run, plus PBXT and the funcs_x and other smaller test suites. No --big or binlog combinations are being used. RQG tests are not included, since the idea is to *always* have decent MTR coverage, with the RQG being used a secondary line of defense.

My idea is to monitor the report periodically and look for considerable regressions in code coverage, which would include: - pushing new code or major patches to the core server that reduce the code coverage within the existing files - adding new subdirectories, modules or storage engines that do not come with new tests to cover the new ground

Regardless of those reports, everyone is encouraged to use the personal code coverage tools, including mtr.pl --gcov and the DGcov script (http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/DGCov) to check the coverage of patches and commits before they are pushed. This will avoid painful scenarios where people are asked to provide code coverage later in the development process, which is always a bigger pain.

The buildbot host is capable of building any other launchpad-based tree, so if you require lcov reports for a particular feature or storage engine that you are developing, please drop me a note and I will configure reports to be generated for your tree as well.

Thank you.

Philip Stoev

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