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Buildbot builds/tests innodb_plugin.so, is that intentional?



I've noticed that centos5-amd64-minimal builds innodb plugin for MariaDB 5.2
and 5.3 (didn't check 5.1)

For example, if one takes this build

and looks at compliation log

they'll find:

(cd .libs && rm -f ha_innodb_plugin.so.0 && ln -s ha_innodb_plugin.so.0.0.0 ha_innodb_plugin.so.0)
(cd .libs && rm -f ha_innodb_plugin.so && ln -s ha_innodb_plugin.so.0.0.0 ha_innodb_plugin.so)
ar cru .libs/ha_innodb_plugin.a ...
ranlib .libs/ha_innodb_plugin.a
creating ha_innodb_plugin.la
(cd .libs && rm -f ha_innodb_plugin.la && ln -s ../ha_innodb_plugin.la ha_innodb_plugin.la)
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/buildbot/maria-slave/centos5-amd64-minimal/build/mysql-5.3.0-MariaDB-alpha/storage/innodb_plugin'

Which shows we're building the plugin. Do we really need this?

(I've discovered this by accident - in 5.3 it now runs innodb_plugin testsuite both with
xtradb and innodb_plugin, and we've got a problem as xtradb includes index condition pushdown and
xtradb doesn't, which causes them to produce different EXPLAIN outputs: when the test is run with
xtradb, we get 'Using index condition', and with innodb_plugin we get 'Using where').

Sergey Petrunia, Software Developer
Monty Program AB, http://askmonty.org
Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog

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