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Re: gcc -Wframe-larger-than


Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just noticed that gcc has a warning option -Wframe-larger-than=LEN
> that makes gcc to warn about functions with stack frames larger
> than LEN.
> Considering a recent issue when we had a 130K structure on the stack
> (which did overflow the stack in some cases), it may be a good idea to
> enable this warning with a reasonably conservative threshold, say, 16K
> or 32K.

Yes, sounds like a good idea (my suggestion would be 32k, for no particular
good reason).

If you tried it already locally, was there anything you found that needed

If not (or after fixing those), I suggest adding the -Wframe-larger-than to
BUILD/SETUP.sh (in 5.1 I suppose), so we will see the warnings in those
Buildbot builders that use it (there are several).

 - Kristian.