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- Backtick quotes are redundant and must be gone. I've never seen a single
RQG-reported bug where the quotes were really necessary. Yet, they are there and make the queries longer than necessary. We have to manually delete them. - Redundant spaces are also annoying, a typical excerpt looks like (all spaces

   table1 . `col_varchar_key` )


- It would be nice if tables were called t0,t1,t2,...  as mysql-test-run
 guidelines specify


- It would be nice if testcase simplification removed irrelevant columns from the tables. If it is not possible to remove them (I guess the reason is that
 the table size changes and the optimizer choses different QEP), then they
 should be replaced with one CHAR(N) column.

Columns that do not participate in the query are already removed (unless the test case uses views). The original tables used for the tests have >10 columns each. What we currently do not do is try to *modify* the query so that it fits in less columns -- we only *remove* chunks from the queries, the tables, or the rows, but we do not *edit in place* to achieve a smaller test case.

- I understand the following might be difficult to achieve: it would be
 extremely nice if the SELECT statement that caused the crash is was
 pretty-printed (i.e. with identation that would make the structure of
 FROM/WHERE clauses apparent).
 If this is too difficult, no need to spend time on this.

I have implemented a regexp-based pretty printer that should partially do the trick without actually pretending to fully parse and understand the query.