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Re: Is it possible to have RQG look for crashes only?


Yes, the RQG can be used to look for crashes only -- by default it does not stop on wrong results, but rather records the problem and moves forward.

Do you want you or me to run the additional RQG tests? If you want to run it, I will push the configuration files and get back to you with the RQG command line.

Philip Stoev
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Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 7:25 PM
Subject: Is it possible to have RQG look for crashes only?

Hi Philip,

I've been fixing bugs in maria-5.3-mwl128-dsmrr-cpk tree, fixed two of the four problems so far. My general impression is that crashes are easier to fix than wrong results. Is it possible to run RQG in a mode that will cause it to ignore
the difference in query results, and stop only on crashes?

if yes, I'd like to get a command/grammar that were used to test the
-mwl128-dsmrr-cpk tree.

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