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Re: [Maria-discuss] Problem with MariaDb as a Windows service



Can you please check what ends up in your Application log in the Event Viewer? When I get error 1067 from "net start", I get two entries in the Event Viewer. One is an Error entry saying "Aborting ... For more information, see Help and Support Center" and the other is an Information entry saying "MySQL: Shutdown complete".

Note that after you add --console, you need to use the Start button located in the same dialog bog. Otherwise, Windows will not honor the --console option.

Philip Stoev

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Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 9:18 PM
Subject: Re: [Maria-discuss] Problem with MariaDb as a Windows service

I tried.  I did not work.
(let me add that I have UAC completely disabled)

-- Peter

On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 20:04, Philip Stoev <pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


It seems that the service requires the --console option to operate
properly. Here is how I could make it work:

1. In the Services Control panel, open up the properties for the service
2. In the "Start Parameters" box, type "--console" without the quotation
3. In the same dialog box, hit Start

Philip Stoev

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Subject: [Maria-discuss] Problem with MariaDb as a Windows service

Some person claimed here around one week ago that MariaDB would not run as
service after "mysqld --install".
I replied that it worked for me - but it does not with the latest stable
version 5.2.3 (it did with the 5.2.3 RC)
(so my apology to this person!)

Windows console output:

C:\maria52\bin>sc delete maria52
[SC] DeleteService LYKKEDES

C:\maria52\bin>mysqld --install maria52
Service successfully installed.

C:\maria52\bin>net start maria52
Tjenesten maria52 starter...
Tjenesten maria52 kunne ikke startes.

Der opstod en systemfejl.

Systemfejlen 1067 opstod.

(From Danish --> service could not start --> the system error 1067

I have tried with both old datadir and the empty one shipped with mariaDB
and also my old my.ini as well as a fresh one.
Also I tried to add --defaults-dir to the registry (just in case I had
overlooked a my.ini copy in C:\ or C:\Windows) and adding doublequotes key
manually like
"C:\maria52\bin\mysqld" --defaults-file="C:\maria52\my.ini" maria52

I double checked there are no conflicts wit all settings.

The command
"C:\maria52\bin\mysqld" --defaults-file="C:\maria52\my.ini"
.. starts the server (also when --defaults-file is omitted) .. but not as
service of course.

Was it tested with the 5.2.3 GA release that it will run as a Windows
The RC worked as a charm - but the GA will not. Any idea?
(I am using Win7, 64 bit, Home Premium)



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