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Strange pbxt issue in 5.1 (missing rows)



I just merged MySQL 5.1.53 into MariaDB and as part of that, did run
the pbxt test suite.

I encountered this test failure:

mysql-test-run --suite=pbxt

URRENT_TEST: pbxt.insert
--- /home/my/maria-5.1-release/mysql-test/suite/pbxt/r/insert.result    2010-11-25 12:02:26.083226000 +0200
+++ /home/my/maria-5.1-release/mysql-test/suite/pbxt/r/insert.reject    2010-11-25 19:33:48.281738504 +0200
@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ 
 insert into  t2 select t1.* from t1, t2 t, t3 where  t1.id1 = t.id2 and t.id2 = t3.id3;
 select count(*) from t2; 
 drop table t1,t2,t3; 
 create table t1 (a int, b int); 
 insert into t1 (a,b) values (a,b);

This only happened once for this test.
(I did get similar failures with one other test for that run, but not
for new runs).

I could not repeat it by running the test or suite again.

I also tested to run the test with valgrind, but not problems found.

I noticed this also happens in buildbot from time to time:

search after pbxt.insert

Paul, have you ever encountered something like this?
Any clues where to start looking?
(The tree I am working with is 5.1-release)


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