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Re: problem with partitioning and our storage engine in 5.2


Zardosht Kasheff <zardosht@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> We have been working on testing our storage engine, TokuDB, against
> MariaDB 5.2.3, and we have encountered a problem with partitioning
> that does not exist on MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, and MariaDB 5.1.50. This
> problem also does not exist with any other storage engine that we have
> tried. It ONLY exists with TokuDB and MariaDB 5.2.

> Here is what the test is doing:
>    1. Create a table with some partitions
>    2. update the table
>    3. run select max(f_int1)
>    4. run select *
>    5. run select max(f_int1) again.
> The problem is that the query results for 3 are incorrect, even though
> the query results for 4 and 5 are correct. MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, and
> MariaDB 5.1 produce the correct results for 3.
> What makes this even stranger is that the query results for 4 and 5
> are always correct.

It's hard to say without any code. Can you post link to launchpad tree or
source tarball with which to reproduce?

>From the information given, I would suggest to run the test with --valgrind,
in case the problem is some uninitialised memory being referenced; sometimes
Valgrind can help catch this.

 - Kristian.

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