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Re: [Commits] Rev 2905: Merge Percona patch MWL#47 into mariadb 5.2-percona. in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.2


knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> message:
>   Merge Percona patch MWL#47 into mariadb 5.2-percona.
>   This patch adds options to annotate the binlog (and the mysqlbinlog
>   output) with the original SQL query for queries that are logged
>   using row-based replication.

Serg raised the very relevant issue about what to do about the similar feature
in MySQL 5.6:


The Oracle team has worked more on this since last I looked, and the two
features are now very similar. Here are the main differences, as I see it:

 - The MySQL 5.6 feature is enabled by --binlog_rows_query_log_events, while
   the MWL#47 option is called --binlog-annotate-rows-events.

 - MWL#47 has --replicate-annotate-rows-events which makes the slave receive
   and binlog the annotations. The MySQL feature always receives annotation
   events if present in the binlog (so replication 5.6->pre-5.6 will break if
   annotations are enabled). The MySQL feature binlogs the annotations based
   on the same --binlog-annotate-rows-events option as the master.

 - MWL#47 has a mysqlbinlog option --skip-annotate-rows-events, MySQL 5.6 does

 - MySQL 5.6 mysqlbinlog can log the annotations with BINLOG statements so
   that they are preserved with `mysqlbinlog | mysql`; MWL#47 does not have

 - MWL#47 uses binlog event type 160, MySQL 5.6 uses an ignorable event of
   type 29. As far as I can tell, the actual event format is identical, except
   for the LOG_EVENT_IGNORABLE_F flag (which says it's ok for a slave to
   ignore this event if it doesn't know about it, however there is no server
   version that knows the LOG_EVENT_IGNORABLE_F but not the MySQL annotation

 - I think there are a couple of issues with the MySQL patch (newlines in
   queries breaking mysqlbinlog output, duplicated annotations for INSERT
   DELAYED). There might be issues with the MWL#47 patch also, of course.

So the question is how to prepare for when we merge MySQL 5.6. An easy option
could be to just ditch MWL#47 (and possibly backport the MySQL 5.6
patch). However, as I understand it, the original sponsor of MWL#47 is already
using it, and so we may have to remain compatible with the existing MWL#47
implementation. Can we get some definite information on that?

Another option might be to simply change the MWL#47 to use the same event type
as MySQL (the event format is the same, and we can add the
LOG_EVENT_IGNORABLE_F). And replace the MWL#47 options
--binlog-annotate-rows-events and --replicate-annotate-rows-events with the
MySQL --binlog_rows_query_log_events option (though I think the MySQL option
name is not good). But again, I am not sure if this is a valid option given
possible existing usage of MWL#47.

The third option I can think of is to leave MWL#47 as it is. Then when we get
to merge MySQL 5.6, we will basically drop the MySQL part, doing the following
to remain backwards compatible with MySQL:

 - Make the --binlog_rows_query_log_events option set
   --binlog-annotate-rows-events and --replicate-annotate-rows-events.

 - Make a slave read a MySQL rows_query_log_event as a MWL#47 annotation

 - Merge over the bit of the MySQL patch that makes mysqlbinlog output
   annotation events using a BINLOG '...' statement.

This should make upgrade from MySQL 5.6 -> MariaDB fully work. Using MySQL5.6+
with MariaDB will also work, only MySQL slaves will not receive MariaDB master
annotation events.

The third option seems to preserve the existing MWL#47 most faithfully and
does not seem to need much work in terms of the eventual merge, so this is
what I suggest as the best way forward. But I am open to other (justified)

 - Kristian.

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