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Re: Windows installer MWL#55 finished.


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> Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] Windows installer MWL#55 finished.
> Hello Vladislav,

Hello Kazuhisa,

> First of all, thanks for all the information on "MSI v.s. NSIS" issues.
> > On a bright side, this is a valid bug that was simple to fix forcing
per-machine install, so installer does not need to guess.  I
> > did that and  refreshed the MSI on the download page.
> I confirmed the fix with the same machine/user with which I had the
> original problem. Thanks.
> However, I'm afraid I hit a new one. If I have MariaDB 5.1.53
> installed (by the 5.1 installer) on the same machine, the new
> installer doesn't allow me to install 5.2.5 saying:

> "Previous version of MariaDB was found, that used incompatible
> installer. Please remove "MariaDB 5.1.53" before you proceed with this
> installation."

Ok, valid bug. Thanks for reporting.

There will *still* be this message if you're trying to install 5.2.5 msi
with existing 5.2.(<5) NSIS .   For me personally  ,main reason NOT  to
offer 5.2.4=>5.2.5 autoupgrade is the fact that MariaDBs NSIS was not
designed to run in silent mode, its popups "Directory not deleted" during
upgrade  would only alienate users .

> I think this is not an intended behavior, because this kills the big
> benefit (of your new installer) of automatically upgrading older
> MariaDB instance.

The upgrade is not always automatic,  sometimes it is semiautomatic
(supported by the  UI tool launched at the end of installation).  Did you
look in the WL on how upgrades are handled? Here is link just in case
http://askmonty.org/worklog/Server-Sprint/?tid=55 .  Feedback on it  is

I have fixed 5.2.5 over 5.1 NSIS installation ,the update is on usual place.

Thanks for your efforts,

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