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Re: Windows installer MWL#55 finished.


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Hello Kazuhisa,

> > But to reiterate, this package is not really thought to be run by non-admin users. It installs into program files, and it writes
> > the HKLM registry hive, and it creates a service. All this stuff is not possible without being an administrator. I'm quite
> Well, if that is how it is designed, that's fine with me. I just
> thought that there might be many users who are new to MariaDB, not
> sure about its quality and want to install/run it in a sandbox
> environment. If switching to HKCU registry hive and disabling the
> option to run it as a service when the installing user is non-admin
> can satisfy the needs, implementing them might not be a bad idea. But
> again, I do not have a strong opinion on that. (The user can choose to
> install from the zipped package as long as zip version is also
> distributed).

I this the per-user install is a feature in NSIS which you discovered, but which is was not planned from the start on. From the
start on, it was planned as an installation where you get a running service at the end, and that was not implemented in NSIS.  if it
was, it would not work in this sandboxed environment. With MSI I checked,  and the rules for per-user install appear to be
relatively complicated. Officially dual package authoring (single package that can be installed either per-user or per-machine) is
supported with MSI 5.0 and Win7, so there is no hope to get that working in the same for unprivileged XP user. I might do some
experimentation with it on Win7, however the benefit it provide compared to ZIP is low:  is a menu shortcut with PATH including bin
directory of the installation and Add/Remove Program entry. 

On a bright side, this is a valid bug that was simple to fix forcing per-machine install, so installer does not need to guess.  I
did that and  refreshed the MSI on the download page.

> One more thing that I noticed is, when installing 5.1 all the messages
> in the dialogs are in Japanese (with the exception of GPL license
> statement), while they are all in English for 5.2.  Maybe this is a
> bonus that came from NSIS.

Maybe. NSIS guys deserve a compliment for that effort.  With MSI dealing with multiple languages inside single MSI is not that
simple. But, localization is definitely possible in Wix or generally MSI, I so far ignored that topic altogether;)  But back to NSIS
package .I believe, just like with per-user installation,  you discovered hidden and untested feature, an Easter egg. It has more
localization bugs that just GPL text. The feature tree is not localized, neither uninstall popup box. If that NSIS package had more
functionality than plain unpack, and had own dialogs, there would be more localization bugs.