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Using tilde in the version for debs?


Hi Kristian

I've been a bit invisible for a few months now, as I had to spend time
on job interviews, family and luckily also some coding! By March life
is turning back to normal with a new job and everything.

As you know by now, I have in the past months fulfilled my desire to
spend some hands on time with the MariaDB build system. I intend to
blog about it in the coming week, after which I'll email some MariaDB
specific details about what improvements you may want to consider
incorporating, and what I think are great improvements but probably
not worth focusing on for you in the short term.

But just as a quickie, I noticed you are changing the versioning of
debs to include the distribution codename (lucid, maverick, etc..):

What caught my eye was the usage of tilde character for punctuation.
In dpkg tilde is a special character with superpowers, it is sorted as
greater than anything else:


You probably know that, of course, and have a good reason to use it
(related to getting upgrades right, perhaps?). I just wanted to
comment on it "just in case". "In case" there is no particular reason
to use tilde, then of course using a dot would have been more natural.

Percona uses a dot
...and I use that with the MepSQL packages too.

As a final observation - apart from the different puntuation, the
version string seems to be similar in all three of percona, mepsql and
ourdelta-knielsen. (So it is kind of a pity if you are forced to use
the tilde for some reason - otoh MariaDB versioning is a bit different
anyway as it doesn't follow the <mysql-base-ver>-<my-release-ver>

cheers and I'll get back later with more interesting comments.

+358-40-5697354 skype: henrik.ingo irc: hingo

My LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=9522559

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