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Re: Using tilde in the version for debs?


Henrik Ingo <henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi Kristian

Hi Henrik, nice to hear from you again!

> But just as a quickie, I noticed you are changing the versioning of
> debs to include the distribution codename (lucid, maverick, etc..):

Right. I basically copied this from the bzr packages on launchpad without
really checking docs ...

> In dpkg tilde is a special character with superpowers, it is sorted as
> greater than anything else:

> You probably know that, of course,

... so I didn't know this. Do you think it is important?

> and have a good reason to use it
> (related to getting upgrades right, perhaps?).

The reason is just to make package file names unique between different
distributions. And the reason for this is to be able to get repositories

I recently made a script that creates a repository for Ubuntu:


This uses `reprepro`, and when I tried to create a repository for multiple
version of Ubuntu, I kept getting errors about duplicate files. Appending the
~<distro> solved this, I think Kurt suggested to do this the same as bzr.

> I just wanted to
> comment on it "just in case". "In case" there is no particular reason
> to use tilde, then of course using a dot would have been more natural.
> Percona uses a dot
> http://www.percona.com/downloads/Percona-Server-5.1/Percona-Server-5.1.54-12.5/deb/lucid/x86_64/
> ...and I use that with the MepSQL packages too.

Aha, so same solution, just with dot instead of tilde.

Right, so maybe it should be changed. Do you know of any technical reason to
prefer one over the other?

> cheers and I'll get back later with more interesting comments.

Yes, please do, and good luck!

Let me know if you need help with accessing/finding some of the MariaDB
stuff. I suppose you have most already as we tried to make it open and public,
eg. lp:mariadb-tools/buildbot/. Do you want a copy of all the VM images for
the different distros? (I think it is around 50GB or so total, not 100% sure).

 - Kristian.

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