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Re: [Commits] Rev 2929: Fix LP BUG#718763 in file:///home/tsk/mprog/src/5.3/



Everything looks OK, except one small style error.

Also it would be nice to put somewhere 'TODO:' to bring in order 'uncachable' flags.

On 03.03.2011 14:07, timour@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
At file:///home/tsk/mprog/src/5.3/

revno: 2929
revision-id: timour@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20110303120726-la5o40rldim2t93y
parent: psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20110301072222-1rmapkelx9l1kw8u
committer: timour@xxxxxxxxxxxx
branch nick: 5.3
timestamp: Thu 2011-03-03 14:07:26 +0200
   Fix LP BUG#718763

   The reason for the crash was that the inner subquery was executed
   via a scan on a final temporary table applied after all other
   operations. This final operation is implemented by changing the
   contents of the JOIN object of the subquery to represent a table
   scan over the temp table. At the same time query optimization of
   the outer subquery required evaluation of the inner subquery, which
   happened before the actual EXPLAIN. The evaluation left the JOIN
   object of the inner subquery in the changed state, where it represented
   a table scan over a temp table, and EXPLAIN crashed because the temp
   table is not associated with any table reference (TABLE_LIST object).
   The reason the JOIN was not restored was because its saving/restoration
   was controlled by the join->select_lex->uncacheable flag, which was
   not set in the case of materialization.

   In the methods Item_in_subselect::[single | row]_value_transformer() set:
       select_lex->uncacheable|= UNCACHEABLE_EXPLAIN;
   In addition, for symmetry, change:
       master_unit->uncacheable|= UNCACHEABLE_EXPLAIN;
   instead of UNCACHEABLE_DEPENDENT because if a subquery was not
   dependent initially, the changed methods do not change this
   fact. The subquery may later become correlated if it is transformed
   to an EXISTS query, but it may stay uncorrelated if executed via

@@ -1742,7 +1752,15 @@ Item_in_subselect::row_value_transformer

      thd->lex->current_select= current;
-    master_unit->uncacheable|= UNCACHEABLE_DEPENDENT;
+    /*
+      The uncacheable property controls a number of actions, e.g. whether to
+      save/restore (via init_save_join_tab/restore_tmp) the original JOIN for
+      plans with a temp table where the original JOIN was overriden by
+      make_simple_join. The UNCACHEABLE_EXPLAIN is ignored by EXPLAIN, thus
+      non-correlated subqueries will not appear as such to EXPLAIN.
+    */
+    master_unit->uncacheable|=UNCACHEABLE_EXPLAIN;
+    select_lex->uncacheable|= UNCACHEABLE_EXPLAIN;

      if (!abort_on_null&&  left_expr->maybe_null&&  !pushed_cond_guards)

put space (' ') after '='

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