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Re: Pbxt loses rows



>>>>> "Paul" == Paul McCullagh <paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Paul> I suspect that this is not due to rows being lost, but rather to the  
Paul> rows not being found for some timing reason.

Paul> But, of course, only debugging will tell...

Paul> We have scheduled time to look at this error.

Any progress ?

One of the most common failures happens in preload.test:

@@ -40,10 +40,10 @@
 insert into t1(b) select b from t2;
 select count(*) from t1;
 select count(*) from t2;
 flush tables;
 flush status;
 show status like "key_read%"

The only thing this test does is a lot of repeated:

insert into t2(b) select b from t1;
insert into t1(b) select b from t2;  

so it should be relatively easy to repeat.