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Report from OpenSourceDays2011



On Saturday, March 5, I gave a talk at the OpenSourceDays 2011 conference in
Copenhagen, Denmark:


My talk was titled "Latest news from the MariaDB (and MySQL) community". I put
the slides from the talk up on my web server here:


This year the OpenSourceDays conference was reduced somewhat from what it
usually is, only one day and I heard something like 400 tickes available
(which were sold out rather quickly). Still, I had a good bunch of people at
the talk, maybe 30 or so. There were many questions, people seemed interested,
so I think it went well.

I also talked to some people outside of the talk, again there seems to be a
lot of interest in what is happening around MySQL generally and in MariaDB

I think generally people are pleasantly surprised to learn the depth and
dedication of the MariaDB effort, that we really are a major effort and a
viable alternative.

There was one good question at the talk about if there were reference
customer statements or so to show that companies are deploying MariaDB with
success at large scale; I guess this will be useful for people that want to
sell the idea of using MariaDB at their job or institution or whatever. I did
not have a very good answer to this, except that I knew there were some. I
guess we already have this on one of the web sites, or if not it would be
worth it to collect the different press releases and such as we get them, I

The night before the conference there was a speaker's dinner, and I had a
great talk with Magnus from Postgresql. I got the impression that things are
also really moving in the Postgres space, and it seems to be picking up a lot
of interest and development effort. I think that is great, I am starting to be
hopeful that we are now seeing the open source databases really take off as a
community effort, as opposed to just a project of whatever "acquirer of the

That's it :-)

 - Kristian.

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