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Re: Pushing/merging sample my.cnf


Hi, Haidong!

On Mar 18, Haidong Ji wrote:
> All,
> I've created my trunk on launchpad for MariaDB, and am ready to make
> some updates to the sample my.cnf file(s) packaged with MariaDB. I
> have a few questions regarding how to proceed:
> 1. I've seen work log creation and assignment in MariaDB developer
> mailing list. Is work log creation necessary for changes like this,
> where no C/C++ source code is touched? If yes, any guidelines will be
> appreciated;

No, it's not necessary.

> 2. As this is more packaging related, what are the testing
> requirement?

that mariadb can be started with your my.cnf file :)

At the moment, we don't test the default my.cnf in our test suite,
and I don't want to require you to change that (but you'd like you -
you're welcome, I can explain how). So, just test manually that your
config is correct.

> 3. What about peer review? I've blogged this and also just sent
> another email for more input.


> 4. After I make the change on my machine, build it, and push the
> changes back to Lauchpad, I will do a merge request.


> 5. Anything else? Comments/suggestions?


should a default my.cnf work with all mariadb configurations?
I mean, builds without innodb/xtradb for example.
Which boils down to - should you prefix all innodb options with "loose"?
It'll make my.cnf more universally useful, but slightly more confusing too.


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