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Re: Default parameter settings / Windows MSI installer


Hi Vlad

On 06/04/2011, at 4:30 AM, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:
3) innodb_log_file_size= min(innodb_buffer_pool_size/4, 50)

I made this formula almost out of thin air and using some blog reading and comments in the templates. It is likely that 50M is more than the average
user needs, however it only takes some disk space, and  If user has to
increase from default 5MB , the procedure is awkward. I checked, MySQL Config Wizard set this parameter to 54M on my box, so it is in the same

InnoDB also wants to have its log files at least 3x size of largest BLOB.

- Peter Laursen's sensible request to have 64M as a default max_packet_size; - combined witht the small yet fixed amount of disk space the InnoDB log files use; and
 - the nuisance resizing the logfiles is,

I would suggest just fixing the size to either 50M or 64M, and not applying a magic formula to try and minimise it. Given the little disk space it uses it doesn't serve that much of a purpose, and given that it's not relative to the buffer pool but also the transaction size, a simple formula just doesn't do the trick.

Yes I do realise that if Peter puts in a 50M BLOB, then the iblog should be >150M. But the packet size is all of a query, not just the one column, and it'll be escaped also. Regular BLOBs (images, etc) tend to not exceed 10M or so, which is well within the iblog/3 range for the size values I suggest.

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