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Re: Default parameter settings / Windows MSI installer


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> From: Philip Stoev [mailto:pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 6. April 2011 13:10
> To: Vladislav Vaintroub
> Cc: maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Kazuhisa Ichikawa; Peter
> Arjen Lentz; haidong.ji@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Default parameter settings / Windows MSI installer

Hi Philip,
> I think we need to avoid a situation where there is yet another set of
> mariadb defaults located in yet another place (in this case, I assume in
> WiX XML description file).
> Previously, we already had a situation with the old MySQL windows config
> wizard where an option would be deprecated and removed by the server
> whereas
> the config wizard will still try to configure it.

Right, we will not catch errors  if we do not test packages. It was a
problem within old MySQL /Sun/Oracle, as packages were produced after all
development was done , and  buildteam black magic  was required to do it.
But here,  we can produce/test packages per-push or nightly,  to avoid
The number of parameters is kept to minimum, and those are unlikely to
disappear (sql_mode, default_storage_engine, innodb_buffer_pool_size,
innodb_log_buffer_size, port,datadir). 

> Right now we have 3 separate things:
> - server defaults in the code, I belive mysqld.cc
> - various example .cnf files that are no longer current
> - windows-specific settings
> It would be nice if we can get those down to 1 or 2. For example, have the
> windows installer use one of the example .cnf files (once those are
> to be current to existing hardware).

There is a problem with .cnfs,  they do not scale  with RAM. Also, Arjen
wants to get the number of example .cnf down to 1, with hardcoded values and
also make it Unix (with O_DIRECTS , paths with /usr and what else).
Maintaining a copy "master" my-example.cnf  for Windows, and selectively
applying  changes to my-example.ini, is not something I'm very keen on

Currently,  I'm trying to  avoid a situation, where people install Oracle's
MySQL with all defaults, try it out, then install MariaDB with all defaults,
try it out,  and find out that ours sucks in comparison performance-wise, or
their application would not work as expected due to some weirdness in
> I also think that "Standard configuration" is a bit misleading here, since
> the standard configuration created by this option will be different from
> default configuration. Maybe something like "Configuration optimized for
> transactions" would be more descriptive and better alligned with setting a
> transactional storage engine and a restrictive SQL mode.

I tried ConfigWizard yesterday, they have "standard" (one click) and
"detailed" (many clicks).  So I took  "standard" as label. "Optimized for
transactions" sounds also fine with me.

> Also, I believe "bufferpool"  from Vlad's PNG should be written "Buffer
> pool". Dbart can provide the best wording.

Will ask him.

> Philip Stoev

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