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Re: [Commits] Rev 3156: MWL#182: Explain running statements


Hi, Sergey!

On Aug 23, Sergey Petrunya wrote:
>   MWL#182: Explain running statements
>   First code
>   - "Asynchronous procedure call" system

I would like to review that part (at least), could you please tell me
when it's ready for a review?

>   - new THD::check_killed() that serves APC request is called from
>   within most important loops
>   - put THD::check_killed() call into every loop where we could spend
>   significant amount of time

This shouldn't be necessary, by trying to keep all long operations
killable we've already put a "killed" check everywhere.

If some long time consuming code needs a "killed" check but doesn't have
it - it's a bug on itself (some code does not respond to KILL).


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