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Re: [Question #169828]: MariaDB 5.3.0 7 crash in 4 minutes


"Philip Stoev" <pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/maria/+bug/824463, which is in state
> "Fix Committed", is still present. I assume it is waiting for a
> review. There may be others like it.

I think we are using "Fix committed" and "Fix released" somewhat
inconsistently. I see two different policies both being used:

1. "Fix committed" means the fix is pushed to a main tree. "Fix released"
is set when an official release is made containing the fix.

2. "Fix committed" means a patch has been made but not pushed to main tree yet
(eg. there is a commit mail or maybe pushed to a feature branch). "Fix
released" means the fix is in a main tree.

I prefer (2), since it simplifies the maintenance of bug states.

When a fix is pushed to the main tree, the developer can mark the bug "fix
released" with a comment noting in which release the bug will appear (just the
next release number in the appropriate main tree, eg. "Fix will appear in

With (1), we need an extra manual step where "someone" goes through bugs after
release and figures out which should be set to "Fix released". I do not think
this extra work gives any tangible benefits.

So my suggestion is to adopt (2) as policy for MariaDB. However, the most
important thing is that we adopt a consistent policy, whatever it is.

 - Kristian.

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