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Re: [Question #169828]: MariaDB 5.3.0 7 crash in 4 minutes


Hi, Kristian!

On Sep 08, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> "Philip Stoev" <pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/maria/+bug/824463, which is in state
> > "Fix Committed", is still present. I assume it is waiting for a
> > review. There may be others like it.
> I think we are using "Fix committed" and "Fix released" somewhat
> inconsistently. I see two different policies both being used:
> 1. "Fix committed" means the fix is pushed to a main tree. "Fix released"
> is set when an official release is made containing the fix.
> 2. "Fix committed" means a patch has been made but not pushed to main tree yet
> (eg. there is a commit mail or maybe pushed to a feature branch). "Fix
> released" means the fix is in a main tree.
> I prefer (2), since it simplifies the maintenance of bug states.
> When a fix is pushed to the main tree, the developer can mark the bug "fix
> released" with a comment noting in which release the bug will appear (just the
> next release number in the appropriate main tree, eg. "Fix will appear in
> 5.3.1").
> So my suggestion is to adopt (2) as policy for MariaDB.