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Re: Feature request: Add support for a syntax check for SQL scripts


It is similar to a request we had from our users from time to time. An
option to *parse* SQL statement(s) *server side* without actually executing.
(EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN EXTENDED are non-complete solutions).

I think it is difficult. MySQL was never designed for it. Basically I think
that all SQL would need to go into a 'virtual blackhole' and errors and
warnings should be returned like if physical storage was used.

Some clients will do some degree of *client side* parsing (or at least
validation).  Most notably Workbench. Obviously Oracle has no license issues
with porting the YACC/bison parser code in the MySQLserver to a client of
their own. But there are also issues with WB and subtle differences of how
SQL is handled between different server versions.  A client side solution
will always suffer from this I think.  The solution is ideally *server side*

A solution that allows filtering SQL through the parser, executing in a
'blackhole environment' and returns errors and warnings like doing in a
'non-blackhole environvent' would do would be extremely nice. But I also
think it is extremely difficult and will require a completely revamped
architecture of the server (what may also break compability with vanilla


On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 23:20, Raphael Vullriede <lists.raphael@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

> Hi,
> we have a lot of developers writing a lot of SQL scripts against a lot
> of different databases. These scripts usually consists of mixed DDL
> (e.g. change a column definition) and DML (e.g. adding new master data).
> Since our applications are constantly under development we'd like to add
> these scripts to our continuous integration environment.
> For that it would be great to have a feature that checks the script
> against a given database without actually executing it. It should not
> only check the SQL syntax but also if all mentioned tables, columns etc.
> exists in the given database.
> It is not possible to use transactions for that since DDL is (currently)
> not transactional.
> I'm thinking of something like this:
> -- here come the sql statements
> I've tried to write such a check with an external tool but as it turned
> out this is virtually impossible and has a lot of loopholes.
> Do you think it would be possible to implement something like this in
> the server?
> Thanks,
> Raphael
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