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Re: [Commits] Rev 3100: Fix gcc 4.6 warnings about assigned but not used variables. in file:///home/bell/maria/bzr/work-maria-5.1-applebuild/


26.10.2011 22:18, Michael Widenius пишет:

"sanja" == sanja<sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:
sanja>  At file:///home/bell/maria/bzr/work-maria-5.1-applebuild/
sanja>  ------------------------------------------------------------
sanja>  revno: 3100
sanja>  revision-id: sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20111025142424-dntpnipgi5qxg2io
sanja>  parent: wlad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-20111019185101-fw3oxkpr2o060qk4
sanja>  committer: sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx
sanja>  branch nick: work-maria-5.1-applebuild
sanja>  timestamp: Tue 2011-10-25 17:24:24 +0300
sanja>  message:
sanja>    Fix gcc 4.6 warnings about assigned but not used variables.

sanja>    Fixed my_gethwaddr.c to allow compilation on Mac OS X.


=== modified file 'sql/sql_show.cc'
--- a/sql/sql_show.cc	2011-05-12 11:56:08 +0000
+++ b/sql/sql_show.cc	2011-10-25 14:24:24 +0000
@@ -1215,7 +1215,7 @@ int store_create_info(THD *thd, TABLE_LI
    handler *file= table->file;
    TABLE_SHARE *share= table->s;
    HA_CREATE_INFO create_info;
-  bool show_table_options= FALSE;
+  bool show_table_options __attribute__ ((unused))= FALSE;
    bool foreign_db_mode=  (thd->variables.sql_mode&  (MODE_POSTGRESQL |
                                                       MODE_ORACLE |
                                                       MODE_MSSQL |

Add instead:


around the this the definition of the variable.

This is what previous reviewer was against. And I think it was quite logical. Please settle it with serg.