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Re: License issues


Op vrijdag 30 december 2011 00:11:40 schreef Michael Widenius:
> Hi!
> >>>>> "Maarten" == Maarten Vanraes <alien@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> <cut>
> Maarten> I don't know if this is related or not, but i found this text:
> Maarten>
> http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17952_01/refman-5.1-en/license-gnu-readline.htm
> l
> Maarten> i note the "or later" in this text.
> Maarten> does this mean that the GPLv2 license is also a GPLv2+ license for
> mysql?
> What the above means is that if Oracle uses any GPL software that
> specifies 'GPLV2 or later', Oracle will use it under GPLv2.
> It does not mean that the MySQL software that Oracle releases under
> GPLv2 can be combined with other GPLv3 code :(
> Regards,
> Monty

thanks for the explanation, it was totally unclear to me, but IANAL.