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Re: Need help re. which files to include in 5.5 .debs


Hi, Kristian!

On Jan 25, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Hi Serg,
> As you suggested, I compared .deb file contents with what `make install`
> produces in 5.5.
> I discovered that the following files are missing from .debs. I need help
> understanding which of these should be added to the .debs. (I think anything
> added should be to package libmariadbclient-dev):
>     /usr/lib/libmysqlservices.a
>     /usr/include/mysql.h
>     /usr/include/typelib.h
> It seems pretty obvious that "mysql.h" is needed. But should I add _all_ the
> .h files? And what about libmysqlservices.a?

Are you sure all these headers are missing? I'd suspect they're
installed by libmariadbclient-dev, although not in /usr/include, but in

libmysqlservices.a should be installed (in /usr/lib or /usr/lib/mysql,
depending on where other libmysql* are installed) by the same deb that
installs plugin.h


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