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Re: 5.5.23 default cmake build bug (Added Info)


md <md@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 1) Extract 5.5.23 tar.gz source on Fedora 14-x64
> 2) using cmake-gui .   -> generate make files  (also dies with ccmake
> curses generator)
> 3) make
> 4) See Error below.
> But if you just unzip the source tar ball, execute cmake . <enter>,
> and then make, the project will build successfully.

>>> D>::get_deleter(const boost::detail::sp_typeinfo&) [with P = unsigned
>>> char*, D = boost::checked_array_deleter<unsigned char>]’
>>> /adev/mariadb-5.5.23/storage/oqgraph/graphcore.cc:1101:1: instantiated
>>> from here
>>> /usr/include/boost/detail/sp_typeinfo.hpp:77:48: error: conversion from
>>> ‘const char*’ to non-scalar type ‘boost::detail::sp_typeinfo’ requested
>>> make[2]: *** [storage/oqgraph/CMakeFiles/oqgraph.dir/graphcore.cc.o]

Apparently OQGraph does not like your version of Boost for some reason.

If you do not need OQGraph, then if you turn it off (should be possible in
cmake-gui I suppose though I never used it) the error should go away.

If you (or someone else) needs OQGraph, hopefully the OQGraph maintainers will
step in and fix the code to work with this version of Boost.

 - Kristian.