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Re: what compiler should i use when building mariadb?


>>>>>> "Rich" == Rich Prohaska <prohaska@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Rich> hello,
> Rich> we have been using gcc 4.4 to build mysql and mariadb successfully.
> Rich> however, when we tried to use gcc 4.7.1 to build mariadb-5.5.25, we
> Rich> hit this problem:
> Rich> /home/tokubuild/build-tokudb-46462/mariadb-5.5.25-tokudb-46462-linux-x86_64-build/mariadb-5.5.25-tokudb-46462-src/mysys/my_context.c:
> Rich> Assembler messages:
> Rich> /home/tokubuild/build-tokudb-46462/mariadb-5.5.25-tokudb-46462-linux-x86_64-build/mariadb-5.5.25-tokudb-46462-src/mysys/my_context.c:207:
> Rich> Error: CFI instruction used without previous .cfi_startproc

CFI is used to emit DWARF2 stack unwinding information. This is supposed to be
used in gcc versions from 4.4 on. But from the error message, it seems that
your GCC 4.7.1 did not emit such information.

I was not able to reproduce the problem. I have GCC 4.7.1. I built like this:

    cmake -DWITH_EMBEDDED_SERVER=1 -DWITH_SSL=system .. && make -j8 -k

I suspect that you are building in some special way that triggers this

Can you supply the full cmake and make commands you used to build to get this

Also it would be useful for me to get the full gcc command line used to build
my_context.c when it fails like this (use `make VERBOSE=1`).

And please provide full output of `gcc --version`.

It would be nice to find out what makes this fail and get it fixed, so others
will not get the same failures...

 - Kristian.

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