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Re: Thoughts on Global Transaction ID, parallel slave, and multi-source replication


Sergei Petrunia <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> As far I understood the proposal, it means that we will loose Master<->Slave
> compatibility between MariaDB and MySQL?  (that is, it will no longer be
> possible to hook MariaDB slave to a MySQL master, or vice versa). This may be 
> a problem. Of course,

Not really. MySQL GTID is an optional feature, normal replication as in MySQL
<=5.5 still works and is default. (In fact, IIRC from MySQL 5.6 docs, to use
GTID one must first set up replication using the traditional way).

I'm also fairly sure that it is possible for a slave to replicate the old,
compatible way against a replication hierarchy that is otherwise using GTID.

But if we want to fully support the MySQL variant of global transaction ID,
then we have no choice really but to implement the full complexity with Gtid
sets and so on, as transactions can come in any order from a master...

 - Kristian.