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Re: IDE debugging Mariadb linux build


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> Subject: [Maria-developers] IDE debugging Mariadb linux build
> I am using cmake -G"CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" to load the 5.5.25
> project into CodeBlocks for building and editing.
> Does anybody use KDevelop4 or Codeblocks to build mariadb?

I used KDevelop some time ago (half a year or so), and Codeblocks long-long
ago (still with vanilla MySQL) 

> If so, how do you set the parameters up so you can run the server in
> gdb debug?

Debugging and building are slightly different things. CMake does not have
builtin support for IDE-debugging, so you need  to use a semi-manual method

I found the below method useful 
1. Switch to build directory
2. cd mysql-test
3. perl mysql-test-run.pl  --start 1st --manual-debug

This will create database directory, config file, and write  path for mysqld
executable together working directory and args to the console.  You can
copy/paste it into IDE, where debug parameters for executable are stored  (I
do not know btw where KDevelop4 has parameters for debugging, I just
describe the process I used in Visual Studio and Xcode )

> Is there a way to run mysqld without mysql_safe monitor daemon in front
> of it?

Yes,  for example the one above.

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