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Re: IDE debugging Mariadb linux build



Here is an update:

I tried CodeBlocks -> Huge Fail.  Cannot get debugger properly set up.
I tried KDevelop 4.2 -> Huge Fail. Cannot get gdb properly working.

Netbeans IDE 7.1.2 under Fedora 14 KDE -> WORKS. Make sure you put the program arguments in the RUN "{$OUTPUT}" "--defaults-file=/mysql/my.cnf" "--port=3306" etc

It is not obvious that you would put the arguments under the RUN for the DEBUG, but that is the way it works.

Netbeans will import the CMAKE output fairly well. (CMakeLists.txt)

I have not tried Eclipse, but do not care since Netbeans works. I can now get back to working on code.


On 9/7/2012 3:55 AM, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:

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I am using cmake -G"CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" to load the 5.5.25
project into CodeBlocks for building and editing.

Does anybody use KDevelop4 or Codeblocks to build mariadb?
I used KDevelop some time ago (half a year or so), and Codeblocks long-long
ago (still with vanilla MySQL)

If so, how do you set the parameters up so you can run the server in
gdb debug?
Debugging and building are slightly different things. CMake does not have
builtin support for IDE-debugging, so you need  to use a semi-manual method

I found the below method useful
1. Switch to build directory
2. cd mysql-test
3. perl mysql-test-run.pl  --start 1st --manual-debug

This will create database directory, config file, and write  path for mysqld
executable together working directory and args to the console.  You can
copy/paste it into IDE, where debug parameters for executable are stored  (I
do not know btw where KDevelop4 has parameters for debugging, I just
describe the process I used in Visual Studio and Xcode )

Is there a way to run mysqld without mysql_safe monitor daemon in front
of it?
Yes,  for example the one above.