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Re: IDE debugging Mariadb linux build



I respect your technical position, but I do not get my paychecks from monty.

My total budgeted time to deal with "issues" related to Aria is exactly zero,
so I am not going to try to ramp up learning hardware GDB breakpoints, etc.

My broadcast was to enable the many other non-montyprogram developers a chance to load the project into the IDE/debugger so they can tweak or modify something and then contribute back into the community. They likely won't contribute if the only thing they can use is VI and GDB command line.

Fortunately, Monty has provided good tested code over the years and that is why Maria will succeed, I do not have to do everything myself, but when I run into a problem, I have a chance at fixing it.

Netbeans makes it easy to use the CmakeLists.txt file to load the project.

Basically, open source gives me all the power and not ALL the responsibility, bloody magic really.

Keep up the good work,


On 9/10/2012 1:26 AM, Timour Katchaounov wrote:
Hi Marco,

I can report to all the developers for MariaDB on linux
that Netbeans 7.1.2 is working VERY well on Fedora 14 - 64 bit.

Netbeans has worked well for MySQL already few years ago, I tried it.
The main problem for me with both Netbeans and Eclipse was that both
have limited GDB support. I couldn't find a way to set hardware
breakpoints, neither to inspect easily arrays. AFAIR it was not possible
to evaluate expressions within the debugger, not sure about conditional

All the above features are indispensable when working on server bugs, or
analyzing how things work. If you have found a way to overcome these
limitations, then these IDEs might be useful for server development.


Vladislav indicated he used only Windows Visual studio and OSX Xcode.

It has a great Find It Grep support and the debugger is easy to set
breakpoints and run the code.


On 9/7/2012 3:55 AM, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:

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I am using cmake -G"CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" to load the 5.5.25
project into CodeBlocks for building and editing.

Does anybody use KDevelop4 or Codeblocks to build mariadb?
I used KDevelop some time ago (half a year or so), and Codeblocks long-long
ago (still with vanilla MySQL)

If so, how do you set the parameters up so you can run the server in
gdb debug?
Debugging and building are slightly different things. CMake does not have builtin support for IDE-debugging, so you need to use a semi-manual method

I found the below method useful
1. Switch to build directory
2. cd mysql-test
3. perl mysql-test-run.pl  --start 1st --manual-debug

This will create database directory, config file, and write path for mysqld
executable together working directory and args to the console.  You can
copy/paste it into IDE, where debug parameters for executable are stored (I
do not know btw where KDevelop4 has parameters for debugging, I just
describe the process I used in Visual Studio and Xcode )

Is there a way to run mysqld without mysql_safe monitor daemon in front
of it?
Yes,  for example the one above.

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