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Re: 答复: 答复: MDEV-520: consider parallel replication patch from taobao patches


丁奇 <dingqi.lxb@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>   So  I have changed the structure of the patch these two days.  The main concept is not changed.
>   Changes are:
>    1) fix the case insensitivity  problem
>    2) fix the invalid memory access when the key is not long enough.


>    3) Change the strategy in mixed cases:
>        A transaction is buffer as a whole first, and decide the way of applying based different case -- If  a transaction contains one or more statement-format queries, it is treated like an DDL.
>      This may occur when the master's binlog format is mixed.

Right, this will be necessary.

>    My aim is that, if the master fulfills the conditions that we think we can use multiple-thread to increase performce, we improve it . If not, we just confirm the correctness.

Yes, agree.

>  Please fetch the new version in the following URL.
>   http://mysql.taobao.org/index.php/RLPR_for_MariaDB#Source_code
>   If consider the general cases, there maybe many bugs in the patch.
>   There are some errors in the result of ./mtr,  I am dealing with them one by one, but some of them are some complex that I need your help (Such as rpl.rpl_deadlock_innodb).

Ok. Let me know when you are done with the simple ones, and I will try to find
time to look into the complex ones.

 - Kristian.

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