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Benchmark of connect performance



in the light of

I did a similar benchmark. I used sysbench-0.4.12 for this with this command

$SYSBENCH --test=oltp --oltp-table-size=1000 --oltp-dist-type=uniform
--num-threads=$thread --oltp-read-only=on --oltp-test-mode=simple
--oltp-skip-trx --oltp-reconnect-mode=query --oltp-connect-delay=0
--db-ps-mode=disable --mysql-table-engine=InnoDB --mysql-engine-trx=no
--mysql-socket=$SOCKET --max-time=60 --max-requests=0 --mysql-user=sysbench
--mysql-password=sysbench --percentile=95 run

This generates a workload of

select .. where pk=const

I varied the following:

- number of concurrent threads
- malloc library: glibc vs. tcmalloc
- privileges given to sysbench@localhost
  * none (--skip-grant-tables)
  * global = ALL on *.*
  * db     = ALL on sbtest.*
  * table  = ALL on sbtest.sbtest

I used the new 64 core machine for this. Everything was compiled locally
with the REL_WITH_DEBINFO options. There is a rather huge dependence on the
memory allocator. The results don't match Yoshis otherwise. See yourself.


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