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read_buffer_size query



I'm working on adding complete descriptions to the knowledgebase for all the server variables right now, and have a query on the read_buffer_size variable. The default in my MariaDB 10.0.1 seems to be 2097152, but it's listed on the MySQL docs with a default of 131072. I can't find a mention in the changelogs of this having changed - can anyone tell me in which version the change in default happened?

Also, in the MySQL documentation, this variable is described as applying to MyISAM tables, while in the only short description on the Knowledgebase I can find, at https://kb.askmonty.org/en/mysqld-options-full-list/, it's described more generally, not specifically mentioning MyISAM. Does this variable apply to other storage engines as well now (Aria?), or still only MyISAM?

ian gilfillan

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